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Lead generation service: Delivering buyers to offline travel agents

Lead generation service: Delivering buyers to offline travel agents

Are you a startup, existing, or old travel agency in India trying to win more leads from the Indian travel market? There are some private and independent travel portals that are committed to rendering business to travel agents, who are looking forward to expanding their travel business and enhancing the level of profits with no additional efforts. There are several portals free to join and interested travel agents can have fresh and daily updated travel leads in bulk. They work as a perfect link between a potential buyer of travel product or service and retail travel agents ready to sell more. At travel lead portals, all verified travel agents can have fresh and daily updated travel leads inside a particular platform. Travel agents simply need to look for daily leads as per their needs. Moreover, they are not forced to buy leads forcefully. They can choose or reject a lead without showing any show cause notice. This way, this model offers travel agents enough liberty to take control of their businesses on their own terms and conditions.

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Tourism is an important contributor to the economy and travel agents are an important part of this industry. Travel agents are likely to get some leads direct from customers when it is a peak season. What about the off seasons when the number of customers looking for travel package decreases at a sharp rate? Travel agents need to run their business 365 days and that is only possible with regular and quality leads direct from customers, from advertising agencies, or any other resources associated with travel agents directly or indirectly. As lead generation is the first step of the sales process, it is vital to put emphasis on this process to convert the leads and take things to the next level. In the following lines, a description is given to understand the value and benefit of live travel leads.


Travel lead generation: What travel agents get from it?

A travel lead simply means a travel inquiry from any travel enthusiast to a channel where links for having a fuss-free travel are available. It is a travel related marketing network that confirms real time leads. If travel agents want to build themselves as a viable travel agency in India, they have to tailor their strategy to earn more business in an effective manner. Using travel leads from a number of resources can be a good way to interact with potential customers and convert them into a confirmed buyer. These resources help travel agents buy travel leads directly and save money from being invested on expensive advertisements and travel campaigns.

In the game of the travel agent lead generation, both quality and quantity matter the most. When we talk about quality leads, it is concerned with the leads that are most likely to get closed and create new regular customers. It is also possible that the lead list has various junk leads where salespersons are not able to sell the products and people are not going to buy qualified products for any reasons. Following are two bigger concerns associated with travel leads from the perspective of travel agents:


Expected scenario

When travel agents shake hands with 3rd party affiliate sites, they are likely to get regular and quality leads that help them grow their business and get a chance to interact with more potential customers. The service of travel agent lead generation gives all travel agents lots of travel product buyers. When a travel agent buys some sort of leads, they are supposed to expect the following things:

  • A new resource of employment
  • Enhanced profit level
  • Saving of maximum time through verified leads
  • Growth in the desired business
  • Cost cutting lead enhancement solutions
  • 100% exclusive leads
  • No bad leads and real time lead delivery
  • Accept travel leads at your own pace


Actual, compromised scenario

In the name of lead generation, various so called travel lead providers extort a big amount of money from travel agents and offer them leads that are not so promising. Moreover, they also demand a share in every converted lead. Many travel agents are asked to pay a huge amount of money in a lump sum for annum. But they get only figs in returns. The leads they get are hard to convert and spend the valuable time and money of travel agents. If a lead is converted, travel agents also have to pay an additional amount of money to the lead providers. In the name of registration and business enhancement program, travel agents become a part of the organization that deals in the selling and supplying of travel leads. That is why travel agents hesitate to get in touch with the companies or individuals, known for selling travel leads in India, owing to the following consequences:

Travel Business Leads

  • Diminished profit level
  • Wastage of time through not verified leads
  • Loss of desired business
  • Costly lead enhancement solutions

If agents are not getting the desired ratio of travel leads from lead generation resources despite paying heavily, it means that it is just a clear wastage of time and cost that can be utilized by travel agents in their own core activities.

Verified India travel leads for employment opportunities

Enhancing travel business via lead generation services is a great way for all travel agents who are not interested in developing their own systems. 3rd party travel lead generation agencies have a network of resources that generate travel leads and use the same leads for promoting the business of all relevant travel agents. This way, travel agents not only get an opportunity to earn but also get regular business without investing too much because these agencies offer leads at a nominal or affordable price tag.

Travel lead providers share a travel leads list with the registered or concerned travel agents so that they can call up interested travelers looking for a honeymoon, wildlife, beach, hill station, or adventure tour package in any part of India.  These days, there are various ways used by travel lead generation providers to generate a variety of travel leads, including:

  • Popular search engines
  • Social media channels
  • PPC advertising campaigns
  • Free general listings

But all these channels are not so effective for long time period. That is why some 3rd party players use their own strategies and tactics to bring quality leads for top travel agents in India. With software applications for mobiles, laptops, and desktops from such players, it is quite easy for travel agents to get desired leads and convert them into real time sales. When it comes to knowing how to get verified travel leads for travel agents, travel lead providing resources offer satisfactory and effective solutions.

Real time travel leads to higher conversion rate

Buying cheap or affordable travel leads from lead generating agencies is the right way to give employment to travel agents or who are interested in starting their own small business sitting at home. When it comes to availing employment opportunity from home, new travel agents or travel agency enthusiasts can opt for home based travel agent leads after becoming a regular member or downloading the app through which travel leads and deals are accepted. With each lead, a travel agent is expected to receive the following aspects:

  • The prospect’s full name, address, phone number
  • The prospect’s email, time stamp, IP address

Interested travel agents can easily convert a lead into a deal by asking a few surveyed questions to the potential travel product buyer. These questions can be related to:

  • Date of departure as per country or time zone
  • Amount of money travelers are willing to invest
  • The time travelers are willing to spend
  • Travel packages and budget needs of travelers
  • Travelers’ travel preferences as per customized and tailor-made tour packages


The travel leads business is quite a qualified program from individuals or a group involved in producing qualified, quality, and verified travel leads through some lead generating channels. Such agencies invite a large number of travel agents active in India to take part in a lead generation program that ensures high-quality results in the form of more consistent leads.

All travel agents who are striving hard to gain a niche in the competitive market of travel industry can consider such agencies. These agencies like to offer travel services and genuine leads to enhance their as well as their clients’ business. This program is just a home-based or office-based travel business opportunity for all who are associated with the travel business in India.

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