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Travel agents: Are they really your holiday makers and problem solvers?

Travel agents: Are they really your holiday makers and problem solvers?

The outcome of the story of a good and a bad travel agent largely depends upon the experience of a happy or an unhappy traveler. On a large scale, travel agents are good and problem solvers if a customer is happy and they are problem creators when a customer is not happy with final travel solutions. Independent travel agents customize travel itineraries for their clients in terms of tours and other interesting activities. Online travel agents book travel packages that include transportation and accommodations, excursions, tours, and activities. There are numerous travel agents in India selling travel and tour packages to travel enthusiasts in India and abroad.

Your travel agent is a holiday maker and problem solver

The difference between a good and a bad agent is very slight. If you like everything around, then it is good; if not, then it is bad. In the hospitality industry, customer service experience matters the most and decides if the same customer will come back to the same travel agent or not. Taking help from professional and experienced travel agents mean that all travelers will an idea of the climate of the to-be-visited destination, how to reach there, the best time to visit, place to visit, interesting things to do, local foods, where to stay, how to start journey on the basis of per day and per night schedule, and dos’ and don’t of visiting weekend getaways.

You want to book a rafting package at Rishikesh for celebrating holidays or visit Manali for celebrating a honeymoon. Now, you start searching for the best and affordable tour packages online. With typing of a few words in Google, you get different options and you click top searches. It is likely you go to other pages if you are not satisfied with what is available there. You surf some websites and start calling agents to crack the hot deal after spending a few hours. You bargained and get a package as per your choice. Is there any guarantee that the package you get and the agent you meet were good or bad?  The answer to the question will come only after completion of your tour.

Evaluate your travel agent with some assertions

With qualified travelers, you can expect a flawless facility for transportation, staying, sightseeing, food, and airport transfer. The people who have visited a particular place in advance through tour packages from particular agents can better tell the story. If they are visiting the same place and taking guidance and assistance from the same travel agent again, it is quite clear that the customer is happy. If they try to change the agent, it clearly shows that all is not well and the expectation of the visitor is not fulfilled. That is why he or she is looking for a change. Although personal experience is the only factor that decides the utility of an agent for a traveler, yet following are some assertions that can help you take a smart decision on your next tour booking.

  • Good: Images on the Internet were matching to the actual structure of the hotel.
  • Bad: It was an image taken from European hotels, not of where you stayed.
  • Good: Your rate them higher with 4-5 star ratings with praises.
  • Bad: You rate them poor on travel rating websites with a harsh comment.
  • Good: You pay for super deluxe room and get the same.
  • Bad: You pay for super deluxe room and get compromised accommodation facilities.
  • Good: They offer you the best, affordable, or cheap tour package as per your changing needs.
  • Bad: They target your pocket and sell you a cheap package at a hefty price.
  • Good: They respond to your queries before, during, and after actual travel to the tourist destination.
  • Bad: After getting payments, they don’t pick your calls or answer weirdly.
  • Good: They make you complete your travel with a big smile.
  • Bad: You take this travel as a hell and want to shoot the travel agent.

To sum up, travel agents are good if they match or overcome your expectations. On the other hand, they are a part of the problem if you are not getting value for money and you don’t want to see their face again. Things would be welcoming for the traveler when he or she reaches the right place, get all problems solved, and feel rejoiced with a big thank.

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