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Travel Lead Generation to improve sales conversions and business prospects

Travel Lead Generation to improve sales conversions and business prospects

“By far the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is always to use a process that automatically brands you, supplies worth to your prospects, follows up with them and sorts out the uninterested people.” – Lead Generation Industry

Between a traveler and a travel deal there is a link and that link is called a travel agent. Travel agents sell their travel products and services via some marketing channels. They need some resources that can help them get close to their potential audience and make a business relationship by selling various travel products and services. Sometimes, travel agencies don’t get desired response from their targeted audience due to lots of factors and miss important travel leads they get from advertisements and other marketing programs. When there are no leads, there is no profit and agents face the immense loss of business to their rivals. Now, the prime question for all travel agents is how to generate travel leads and sell travel products and services.


For getting desired accomplishment in the travel business, it is vital that travel companies or travel package sellers get quality travel leads from different resources. The same is possible only when there are effective lead generation and sales strategies adopted by reliable and certified lead generation resources. With 3rd party affiliate sites or travel leads providers, it is possible to have verified travel leads. These travel resources get queries from customers and travel enthusiasts directly when they need to have a travel package, a flight ticket, a vacation tour, cruise, and other services. Travel lead generation or travel referral is a great way to promote tour packages and enhance the market share in the travel industry. Travel lead generation companies can help all travel lead buyers get free travel leads for travel agents in India.


Key performance indicators for travel lead generation

A supply of regular and quality travel leads is must for all travel agencies and companies to generate revenue and get a competitive edge with minimal efforts. For the generation of new leads in the travel industry, it is vital to understand the game of KPIs.

  1. Conversion: Potential customers offer their contact information and become a lead
  2. Conversion rate: The total number of visitors to any travel website in a time period showing higher or lower rate of conversion.
  3. Bounce rate: The number of people who come to a web page/site and exit it without looking at any other pages.
  4. Exit rate: The percentage of travel enthusiasts who leave a travel site when they were on the most popular page of the site.
  5. Average session duration: The amount of time that a travel information searcher spends on a page.

All these points or things are correctly managed by travel lead providers for travel agencies interested in getting online and offline leads. And they make is possible with travel lead generation application downloads. 3rd party affiliate sites understand the value of these factors and offer quality leads that are worthy and useful for all.


Why is lead generation vital?

In order to stay in the stiff business and get an edge, all travel agents need to promote their ready made tour packages, make more bookings, get right customer contact information, and sell travel packages. That is why quality travel lead platforms can offer sales teams of travel companies and agencies earn quality travel leads to close more sales and increase customer base effectively. Following are some points showing why lead generation matters the most in the travel industry of India and the global level.

  • Lead generation means revenue generation
  • Existing marketing efforts of travel companies are not enough to generate more leads
  • Cut-throat competition in the travel industry decreases profit margin
  • Direct interaction with quality customers for seal the travel deal
  • Travel agents are unable to enhance their market reach with current strategies
  • Internet savvy travelers want all travel and pricing information to compare packages
  • Travelers need customized travel solutions through a complete travel deal
  • Travel enthusiasts are never satisfied and they are information hungry
  • Search behavior of your potential travel clients has been changed
  • Travel agents need to put their money and time on core activities
  • Lead generation strategies formed by travel agents are costly and time-consuming


Benefits of lead generation

To get more leads in the travel services, travel agents invest heavily on online and offline advertisements and travel campaigns and get compromised results in return. In every travel business, it is important for travel agencies and resources to have quality leads and the maintenance of a professional sales team. When travel companies get regular and new leads they are supposed to get the following benefits without wasting their precious time and energy.

  • 3rd party affiliate sites can help travel companies compete for clients with travel leads
  • Availability of certified, hot, and live leads for travel agents
  • 3rd party affiliate sites connect travel companies to potential travel products and service buyers
  • Instant delivery of high-converting leads
  • Lead generation from premium traffic sources
  • Highly affordable strategies over expensive marketing plans
  • 24/7 interaction with 3rd party affiliate sites for business prospects
  • Convenient online account access to administer travel preferences and budget
  • Lead management integration from travel industry professionals and managers
  • Enhanced profit with the minimal or no investment
  • Quick results in the least amount of time
  • Connection with potential customers and union with industry people for a growth model

A variety of leads for travel companies


It is said that smart marketers (3rd party affiliate resources) know how to build qualifying questions into lead forms in order to have a clear picture on the needs of travelers of all types in a fuss-free manner. Following are some common types of travel leads that all travel agencies and companies like to grab at an affordable price tag or a big commission.

  • International travel leads and Honeymoon travel leads
  • Pilgrimage travel leads and Hill stations travel lead
  • Beaches tour leads and Family travel leads
  • Leisure travel leads and Business travel leads
  • Adventure travel leads and Summer holiday travel leads
  • Winter holiday travel leads and Corporate holiday travel leads
  • Couple or solo travel leads and Island travel leads

There are many travel lead providing resources that deal in the selling and supply of cruise, hotel, tour package leads for travel agents and they also let travel agencies buy travel leads. With their travel sales leads programs and travel leads for sale programs, interested travel agents in India and abroad can get better sales figures with lower investment. Whether travel companies search for travel leads for travel agents in Pune or Delhi, verified and quality travel leads always make a big difference.

To get desired travel leads, agents and agencies have to create a free profile in the application or website of the travel lead providers. For registration, it is mandatory to mention details of full name, email, company name, and phone numbers. Once you furnish all these information, you will be able to get regular and quality leads without spending lots of money.

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